Log in with WebID and get to comment without moderation

Last week I released a new alpha version of the WebID module for Drupal, and today I've just added a first integration with the Drupal Rules modules allowing to trigger customizable actions whenever someone logs in with his WebID. For example, the WebID module now comes out of the box with a default rule to grant user logging in with their WebID the role "webid guest". From there it's easy to give them specific permissions on your site, such as skipping the moderation queue for comments. This is currently set on this site, to try it out, first log in with your WebID at the top right corner, and then leave a comment. Let's see how long it takes for spammers to catch up with WebID...


Good job on the Drupal WebID integration.

I just wanted to say a big thanks for having implemented this, and for relying on MyProfie. :)

Thanks Andrei! not sure how you came across this post? I haven't even announced it anywhere (I think). :)

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