The Semantic Web strikes again

Exciting times for the Semantic Web in Drupal...

Harvard IIC and SCF

Today is my first day at Harvard's Initiative in Innovative Computing where I'll work on the Drupal based Science Collaboration Framework (SCF) project with Tim Clark, Sudeshna Das and Benjamin Melançon. I had the chance to meet Tim last year when he visited DERI and presented the SCF project. We'll work on aligning the efforts which were put into SCF with the efforts of the Drupal community in terms of RDF. We will see what requirements are emerging from a project such as SCF and contribute them back to the Drupal community.

Tim and Benjamin have arranged for me to present the latest RDF module developments at the semantic web interest group gatherings in Cambridge and New York. I'll also co-present at the DrupalCampNYC6. I'll mainly talk about RDF CCK and evoc which allow to easily map the Drupal data model to well known RDF vocabularies. I'm looking forward to meeting the semantic web community here and get their feedback. Interesting discussions ahead, make sure you attend if you're in the area!

DrupalCon DC

I was invited to attend DrupalCon DC! I'm hoping to meet some other RDF savvy folks. Unfortunately since I got the scholarship after the session deadline, I can only submit BoF sessions, but if anyone is interested in sharing her session I'd be glad to talk or demo RDF in Drupal. I don't see many RDF related session beside Using Intelligent Web Services for Semantic Drupal Sites and Practical Semantic Web and Why You Should Care. I've submitted a BoF session on RDF roadmap in core and contrib for those interested in taking part in the process and suggesting ideas.

The future of RDF in Drupal: roadmap and code sprint

After discussing with Robert Douglass from Acquia, we thought that an RDF code sprint would make sense in order to combine the various efforts of the community. More and more people are considering using Drupal for their RDF project, so let's get our ideas together and see what can be done to make the semantic web integration in Drupal easier. Edit the wiki page and add your ideas, requirements, suggestions etc. I have submitted an RDF core mapping proposal and waiting for your feedback.

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